Easy Ways To Save For Your Honeymoon 

Not many newlyweds are lucky enough to have a honeymoon vacation as it can be quite expensive. With some smart money-savvy saving tips, newlyweds can enjoy a honeymoon without stressing over the finances.
Having an affordable honeymoon trip can seem impossible but with a little extra hard work, there are ways to afford the vacation newlyweds deserve. The first step is making dedicated honeymoon savings account that partners can work towards to achieve the goal amount for the honeymoon vacation.
Setting up a savings account for a honeymoon fund is easier than ever with many banks offering features of creating a savings account dedicated to personal objectives. Most banks also offer the option of opening a joint bank account where both partners can have access and deposit into the account.
An easy way to contribute to the honeymoon savings is setting up an automatic transfer based on your goal that can be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly depending on the financial situation. Some couples try to add the honeymoon fund to the wedding budget but having an individual account dedicated to the honeymoon will ensure the newlyweds have planned for all expenses. 

Planning for the honeymoon fund often comes last but partners should plan a budget together to ensure having an affordable wedding without compromising on going on a honeymoon. Having a budget can help partners prevent overspending and partners can enjoy celebrating rather than worrying about money.
One of the best ways to save for the honeymoon is by planning affordable travel accommodations such as travel and hotel. Airfare rates can be pricey depending on the destination, travel dates, and rental options. It’s best to take a honeymoon during off-peak times and choose a closer honeymoon destination that is less expensive with less time dedicated to travel with more time for enjoying the romantic getaway.
One big contribution to the wedding and honeymoon fund can be from your wedding guests in the form of cash gifts rather than worrying over building a registry. Instead of wasting time building a registry, you can request cash gifts that can be used towards your wedding or honeymoon fund.
Saving money on catering for the wedding can be contributed to the honeymoon fund and exploring your options for dining. Most venues will overcharge catering for events, especially weddings where newlyweds can explore alternative options for dining and take advantage of any free offers.

Another way to save is having an intimate wedding with fewer guests that will help save a ton of money and will make a more special day with the people newlyweds truly care about. An average wedding guest list could be over 150 people for newlyweds with bigger families but if possible, it’s recommended to have a smaller guest list.