Consider These Dangers Before Taking Out A Student Loan

You need to know what you're getting into before taking out student loans and paying them back. Know the terms of your loan, make sure you are aware of the dangers of student loans, don't fall for scams, don't overpay your loans, and don't pay late fees. 

Prototype Of First U.S. Dollar Auctioned Off For $840K

One coin that was originally worth $1 dollar has become a piece of American history with a coin dating back to 227 years ago in 1794 that sold at auction for $840,000. 

What To Know Before Becoming A Cosigner

Anyone applying for a loan has some doubt when it comes to approval depending on their financial situation. Having a cosigner for a loan can help increase the chance of having a loan approved but there are a couple of things to learn about cosigning first. 

Saving Money The Old-Fashioned Way With Vintage Homesteading Hacks

Homesteaders make the most with what they have and know the best tips on saving money with DIY projects that are still valuable skills to have in the modern age.  

Must-Watch Documentaries To Improve Your Financial Knowledge

Documentaries are often a more entertaining alternative to reading books and taking classes, so here are some financial based ones to check out.