The Best Time To Travel To The Americas 

When planning for a vacation you might be worried about weather or missing out on seasonal attractions. We outline the best seasons to travel to certain countries and continents based on the weather with regional attractions that happen at certain times of the year.
North America is a great vacation destination for Canada and the United States with the most popular travel time during May to October drawing tons of National Park activities and general sightseeing of cities. It’s a perfect time to have a vacation in North America during the season of spring and autumn that isn’t too hot or too cold.
One of the most popular North American destinations is Hawaii for November to January for surfing and more travelers are drawn from November to May for whale-watching. Alaska is a great nature destination with cruising and activities from June to August. One of the best options for sightseeing is getting a value-for-money attraction pass for San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, or Miami.
The best beach destinations are in Central America and the Caribbean with the best time to travel from December to April with less chance of hurricanes or rain. There are also a large variety of destinations in this region including Mexico, Nevis, Guatemala, Antigua and Barbuda, Nicaragua, Grenada, El Salvador, Saint Lucia, Panama, Bahamas, Honduras, Haiti, Costa Rica, Trinidad and Tobago, Belize, Jamaica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Barbados.
South America consists of three regions including the Southern Cone, Andean, and Brazil & Guianas. The Andean region is home to countries Paraguay, Columbia, Bolivia, Venezuela, Peru, and Ecuador. The best time to visit the Andean region is from June to September with cool and dry weather in most places. From December to March the climate is more comparable to Central America except for Venezuela and Columbia.
From July to August is the best time to visit Venezuela that is rainier that is perfect to visit the more voluminous Angel Falls. The Galapagos Islands is rainy from December to May, but the water is calmer and warmer that is more suitable for marine wildlife sightings.

The Southern Cone region consists of countries with Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile with the best time to visit from November to March with a dry, pleasant summer. The countries Suriname (including French Guiana), Brazil, and Guyana are in the Brazil & Guianas region with less rain during July to October as well as January to June except in Brazil’s northeastern coast cities.